Men’s Night

Participant:TotalWeek 6 Winners ( June 21st), Chicago front 9Points$Leonard Doyle1101st Leonard Doyle23$50.00Bobby Savidant752ndRobert Stewart22.5$30.00George Stewart602ndJeremy Brown22.5$30.00Paul Currie603rdPaul Currie22$10.00Jeremy Brown553rdMark McKenna22$10.00Marty Koughan503rdMike Judge22$10.00Brian Duffy45Closest To The Hole # 8Dean McClumpha$25.00Ed MacAulay45Birdie Hole # 6Carried over $38.00Matthew McKenna40Roger MacLauchlan35Week 5 Winners ( June 14th)  Front 9  Grid hole # 1,2,3,5,8 $Greg Bryant30 net Score Wendell MacEachern301st Matt McKenna16.75$55.00Mark McKenna302ndBobby Savidant17.25$30.00Rob Stewart303rdPaul Currie17.5$10.00Steve Gamster25Closest To The Hole # 4Jeremy Brown$25.00Rick Arsenault25Birdie Hole # 5Mark McKenna $72.00Dean McClumpha25Leonard Callaghan20Week 4 Winners ( June 7th),  Front 9  Three Tee Decksnet Score$Boyd MacKenzie201st George Stewart32$60.00Dillan MacMaster202ndEd MacAulay33$40.00Vaughn Smith203rdBobby Savidant33.5$20.00Connor Lea15Closest To The Hole # 8Steve Gamster$25.00Norm Platt10Birdie Hole # 3$ 40 Carried over  Mike Judge10  Week 3 Winners ( May 31st), Chicago front 9Points$  1st Marty Koughan26$60.00  2ndJeremy Brown21.5$40.00  3rdLeonard Doyle21$20.00  3rdPaul Currie21$20.00  3rdGreg Bryant21$20.00  Closest To The Hole # 4Marty Koughan$25.00  Birdie Hole # 3 $106 won by Marty Koughan          Week 2 Winners ( May 24th), Stroke play front 9Net Score (Par 18)$  1st Leonard Doyle13.5$60.00  2ndPaul Currie14.25$40.00  3rdDillan MacMaster14.75$20.00  Closest To The Hole # 4Norm Platt$25.00  Birdie Hole # 2carried over $68      Week 1 Winners ( May 17th), Stroke play front 9Net Score$  1st Bobby Savidant34.5$40.00  1st Leonard Doyle34.5$40.00  2ndBrian Duffy35.5$20.00  3rdGregg Bryant36$5.00  3rdGeorge Stewart36$5.00  3rdRoger MacLauchlan36$5.00  Closest To The Hole # 4Marty Koughan$25.00  Birdie Hole # 1carried over $32